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Understanding School Catchment Areas in Victoria, BC

In Victoria, BC, the concept of school catchment areas plays a crucial role in the educational landscape, shaping where children can attend school based on their residential address. This also may play a part on where you may purchase real estate in Victoria. These catchment areas are designed to ensure that every child has access to education within a reasonable distance from their home, promoting community cohesion and efficient resource allocation. There are 3 main districts in greater Victoria, SD61, SD62 and SD63, these will be discussed below.


SD61 – Greater Victoria School District.

Serves as a beacon of quality education, catering to around 20,000 students across a diverse array of educational institutions. This includes 26 Elementary Schools, 10 Middle Schools, and 7 Secondary Schools, each equipped to provide a nurturing and inclusive learning environment. The district's commitment to education extends beyond the traditional K-12 system, with over 1,200 adult learners annually enhancing their skills and knowledge through the Continuing Education Program.

SD61 covers a wide range of neighborhoods in Victoria, BC, and its surrounding areas. The district's reach extends across several municipalities, each containing numerous neighborhoods. Here's a breakdown of the main areas and some of the neighborhoods they encompass within the SD61 boundaries:

  1. Victoria: As the capital city of British Columbia, Victoria is at the heart of SD61. Neighborhoods in Victoria that fall under SD61 include:
    • Downtown Victoria
    • Fairfield
    • Fernwood
    • James Bay
    • Jubilee
    • North Park
    • Oaklands
    • Quadra Village
    • Rockland
    • Victoria West
  2. Esquimalt: Located to the west of Victoria, Esquimalt is known for its naval base and vibrant community. Neighborhoods include:
    • Esquimalt Village
    • Gorge Vale
    • Kinsmen Park
    • Rockheights
    • Saxe Point
  3. Oak Bay: This municipality, known for its picturesque beaches and upscale neighborhoods, is to the east of Victoria. Neighborhoods include:
    • Uplands
    • South Oak Bay
    • North Oak Bay
    • Estevan
    • Gonzales
  4. View Royal: Situated to the west of Victoria and Esquimalt, View Royal has a mix of residential and commercial areas. Neighborhoods include:
    • View Royal Proper
    • Hospital Area
    • Helmcken
    • Six Mile
  5. Part of Saanich: Saanich is divided into Saanich East and Saanich West, with SD61 covering parts of both. Neighborhoods in the SD61 area might include:
    • Cedar Hill
    • Gordon Head (partial)
    • Quadra (partial)
    • Maplewood
    • Part of Royal Oak and Broadmead
  6. Highlands: While predominantly rural, parts of the Highlands may fall within the SD61 catchment area, especially those areas closer to the municipal boundaries with Saanich and View Royal.

Link to a Arcgis map of SD61


SD 62 – Sook School District

Encompasses areas on the western side of the Greater Victoria region, including several distinct neighborhoods and municipalities. Unlike School District 61, which covers the central and some eastern parts of Victoria, SD62 serves communities that are generally located further from downtown Victoria. The primary areas within SD62 include:

  1. Langford: Known for its rapid residential development and family-friendly amenities, Langford is a significant part of SD62, hosting a number of elementary, middle, and secondary schools.
  2. Colwood: Colwood, with its coastal and suburban areas, is another key municipality within the district, offering various educational facilities for its residents.
  3. Sooke: This more rural and scenic area, located to the west of Colwood and Langford, is also part of SD62. Sooke provides a more community-oriented educational setting with its schools.
  4. Metchosin: A largely rural district known for its farms and natural landscapes, Metchosin falls under SD62, where the schools tend to have smaller student populations due to the rural setting.
  5. Highlands: Parts of the District of Highlands, known for its natural reserves and rural character, are also served by SD62, although it's more sparsely populated and has fewer schools.

These areas are known for their growing communities, natural beauty, and increasing number of family-oriented developments. School District 62 caters to these diverse and expanding communities by providing a range of educational programs and facilities designed to meet the needs of its students. The district is recognized for its efforts to integrate environmental education and outdoor learning opportunities, reflecting the natural surroundings of its catchment area.

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SD63 – Saanich School District

Covers several neighborhoods and municipalities in the Victoria BC area, but it does not encompass the core neighborhoods of Victoria itself. Instead, SD63 serves the more suburban and rural areas on the Saanich Peninsula and surrounding areas. The primary municipalities and areas covered by School District 63 include:

  1. Saanich: While the Greater Victoria School District (SD61) covers part of Saanich, particularly the areas closer to the city of Victoria, SD63 serves the rural and suburban parts of Saanich, especially those located towards the north of the municipality.
  2. Sidney: Known for its seaside charm, Sidney is at the northern tip of the Saanich Peninsula and is included within the jurisdiction of SD63. Sidney offers a mix of residential areas, commercial zones, and scenic waterfronts.
  3. North Saanich: This largely rural municipality, known for its farms, acreages, and residential communities, falls under the umbrella of SD63. North Saanich is characterized by its natural beauty and is home to the Victoria International Airport.
  4. Central Saanich: Central Saanich, with its blend of agricultural lands and residential areas, is also part of School District 63. This area includes communities like Brentwood Bay and Saanichton, known for their quiet, family-friendly atmospheres.
  5. Cordova Bay and Broadmead: These neighborhoods are located in the northern part of Saanich and may also be served by SD63, offering a mix of suburban living with access to parks, schools, and shopping areas.
  6. Prospect Lake and West Saanich: These more rural areas of Saanich offer a country lifestyle and are part of the SD63 catchment, with schools serving these communities.

School District 63 is known for its commitment to educational excellence and offers a range of programs catering to diverse student needs, including French Immersion, International Baccalaureate, and various specialized programs. If you're residing in or moving to one of these areas and have school-aged children, it's advisable to check the specific catchment school for your address directly with SD63, as catchment areas can sometimes change or have specific boundaries.

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