Sunset at Qualicum Beach on Vancouver island.

What city in Canada has the best weather? | You guessed it, Victoria BC

It has been said many times that Victoria BC has the best weather in all of Canada! 

Now, this could be a subjective statement as it depends on how you view the perfect weather.   Anyway I will try and give you a bit of a locals point of view on how the weather is here, I think it is just right

Victoria, a gem in the real estate world, sits at the southern end of Vancouver Island, at 48.5 degrees north, and is said to have a sub-Mediterranean climate.  I am not exactly sure I would agree to that after spending many summers in the Mediterranean (working, unfortunately), but I think the gist of that is, that the summers are dryer and the winter is when the rain comes to visit. 

I can definitely say, it is a lot milder than a lot of other cities in Canada, what I mean by that is we don’t have the massive amounts of snow like some of the other cities have, and we will only have a handful of sub zero days during winter.   Also, on the flip side, the summer is dry and warm, so there is no sticky humidity, and only a few days over 30 degrees, but in saying that we did have a heat wave 2 summers ago when it reached the 40 degree mark! The only person I know who enjoyed that was my Aussie partner, Richard!   He is a bit weird, and he eats vegemite too!  Eek

It is said that Victoria is fairly high on the sunny day list and  I believe Calgary takes first place for that, but if you are going to live there make sure you have a snow shovel and chains for your car!  Don’t need those here!

Now it does seem that BC gets the most rain out of all the provinces in Canada, I suppose that is why we have such beautiful lush green forests hey!  But luckily Victoria misses a lot of the rain that comes in from the Pacific, it mostly passes overhead and dumps on the Vancouver/Seattle area.  Some of the more northern parts of the island will get the normal share of BC’s rain.

An interesting bit of trivia:

Apparently, the wettest place in all of North America is here on the island, an area close to port Alberni which is around the center of the island.  Lake Henderson gets a whopping 7 meters of rain annually, the most recorded ever was 9.3 meters back in 1997.  

Anyway, I will show you a few slides for stats on the major cities, these are the ones I picked, one from each province, to compare against Victoria.

Check out the current weather in Victoria from The Weather Network.

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